U.S. Master Bank Tax Guide (2021)

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Author: Ronald W. Blasi

Covers all the tax rules for financial institutions and is the only
book of its kind that is completely updated each year to reflect
the latest changes through press time. This is the authoritative
must-have guide for professionals charged with tax compliance
for financial institutions. It features special planning sections
in each chapter, detailed discussions that are meticulously
referenced to authority for additional research, potential IRS
audit activities, and numerous practical examples that illustrate
the rules and principles. The volume provides informative
discussions on points of law where the courts and the IRS may
not see eye-to-eye.

• Entities subject to bank tax rules
• Accounting for Interest, fee and Other income
• Discount, points and Premium
• Securities dealers and investors
• Nonperforming Loans
• Modified Debt
• Foreclosures
• Business expenses
• Interest expense
• Bad-Debt deductions
• Acquisitions
• Business tax credits

Valuable appendices provide:
• IRS industry Specialization Program Coordinated Issue Papers
• The 13 Federal Judicial Circuits
• The 12 Districts of the Federal Reserve System
• Audit Technique Guide for Commercial Banking

Oct 30, 2020 944 Pages 9780808054948

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