Tax Problems and Solutions Handbook (2020) (U.S.)

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Assists in resolving the most common IRS problems involving

Assists in resolving the most common IRS problems involving
individuals. It provides guidance on the most common postfiling
issues including contacting and working with the IRS
to obtain information and helping tax professionals practice
effectively before the IRS. It focuses on each of the major tax
problem categories: audits/underreporter notices, collection
issues, penalties, unfiled returns, and spousal issues. The
issues in these categories make up most of the problems
experienced by individual taxpayers. This book provides
solutions for these taxpayers.

Practically, data shows that most taxpayers and their tax
professionals will engage in one of the following
post-filing actions:

• Contact the IRS to get a tax history and information related
to a tax problem.
• Respond to a CP2000 (underreporter) notice or mail
audit inquiry.
• Evaluate and obtain a collection alternative, such as a
payment plan or an extension to pay.
• Request penalty abatement for the failure to file and/or
failure to pay penalty.
• Research source documents.
• Prepare, file, and process a late, past-due tax return.

This book covers these most common issues extensively,
providing the taxpayer/tax professional with the background,
guidance, steps, and practical resources to resolve the
particular issue quickly, effectively, and with the best outcome
considering the taxpayer’s facts and circumstances


April 2020    1,350 Pages     9780808053507

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