Taxation of the Entertainment Industry, 2016 (U.S.)

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Taxation of the Entertainment Industry provides in-depth treatment of the taxation of film and television industries, including music and sports.

Author: Schuyler M. Moore, J.D.

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An insightful treatise that helps practitioners in entertainment tax planning spot unique issues before they become problems, interpret rules and regulations correctly, make business decisions that lower taxes, and ensure compliance with the law. This valuable reference provides in-depth treatment of the taxation of film and television industries, including music and sports. It provides insights on proven strategies and techniques for achieving solid bottom-line results for those practitioners with clients within the entertainment industry.
Sets forth details of an eight-point master plan for managing entertainment tax issues:
  • Know how the law characterizes ownership rights and interests
  • Choose a business form that provides maximum tax advantage
  • Determine the best time to report and recognize income
  • Reduce the tax burden through deductions, depreciation, and the investment tax credit
  • Avoid liability for failure to withhold wages
  • Realize tax deferral and tax savings through foreign production or distribution
  • Discover innovative and creative strategies for financing film production and distribution, and
  • Pay close attention to the special tax considerations that apply to talent.
Moore thoroughly explains all of these issues, opportunities and challenges with clarity in this sure and steady guide through the ins and outs of entertainment tax law.
  • Overview
  • Fundamental Characterization Issues
  • Choice of Entity
  • Income Recognition, Timing and Characterization
  • Deductions and Depreciation - Wage Withholding
  • Foreign Production and Distribution
  • U.S. Tax Withholding on Foreign Persons
  • Financing Using Domestic Tax Shelters
  • Other Financing Methods
  • Tax Planning for Talent
  • California Taxation
  • The Sports Industry
  • The Music Industry
  • Film Financing
  • Forms

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