The Separating Client: Taxes, Property Division, and Income Determination

Managing our professional and personal lives during this Covid-19 environment can be stressful. We know many professional accountants and family lawyers are seeing an increased demand for their assistance and advice.


Virtual Seminars from Wolters Kluwer!

In order to provide a safe environment for professionals to participate in our Wolters Kluwer tax seminars during this Covid-19 time, we are now presenting these timely topics virtually! No need to travel to specified locations. Available to anyone wherever they are in Canada or the continental USA. All you need is a secure and high speed internet connection.

Our virtual seminars are essentially full day webinars. Running from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm (EST October 15, PST October 22). We provide 3 breaks during the day plus a Q&A with the presenters!

All sessions are available to registered attendees to view in a recording for a specified time.



Managing our professional and personal lives during this Covid-19 environment can be stressful. We know many professional accountants and family lawyers are seeing an increased demand for their assistance and advice. This full day virtual seminar will provide you with valuable resource information to help you along the way.

*All registered attendees receive a PDF copy of the material presented in advance of the session.

This virtual seminar will provide a review of critical issues for the separating client and important decisions when dealing with their private self-employed business.


Topics discussed will include the following:

  • A renewed look for Family Lawyers and Accountant at the Amount for an Eligible Dependent
  • Filing a fair and on time tax return for one or both parties,
  • Taxation issues around spousal and child support,
  • Settlement options and tax issues to divide their matrimonial property,
  • Issues facing those divorcing later in life,
  • Key Valuation Principles
  • Assessing the Impact of Family Law Rules on Valuation
  • Components of a Valuation
  • Components of Income Analysis
  • Key Valuation Issues
  • Contingent Disposition Costs
  • Reporting Alternatives
  • Issues for External/Internal Accountants who have Clients in a Family Law Dispute

Target Audience:

This virtual seminar will be of most interest to the general practitioner in accounting, plus tax accountants, financial planners and family lawyers.


Session Material:

  • 30 days to review the session recording
  • PDF version of the presentation slides

PD Credits:

All attendees will receive 7 hours of acknowledged attendance for verifiable Professional Development Credits with their association.

Virtual Networking:
All attendees will have the opportunity to attend a free ‘Conference Happy Hour’ whereby you can chat informally with the presenters and WK while enjoying

your favourite beverage!





Sharon Numerow, CDFA

Sharon Numerow is the Founder of Alberta Divorce Finances and Calgary’s Choice Tax Services. She is a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and tax professional who has been educating and empowering men and women going through divorce for over a decade. She specializes in educating clients, lawyers, accountants, and other divorce professionals on the financial and tax implications of the decisions to be made in divorce negotiations. She has also travelled across Canada to train accounting, tax, and financial professionals on behalf of multi-national firm, Wolters Kluwer CCH, on Tax Return Issues in Separation and Divorce. Sharon also owns and operates a personal income tax service preparing over 400 tax returns annually, specializing in tax returns for separating and divorcing clients. Sharon is committed to helping clients clarify their financial future.

Sharon has twice been featured in the Calgary Herald and as a guest on the CORUS Radio network. She has twice spoken for Calgary Family Services “Take Charge of your Divorce” expert panel, twice spoken for the Dept of Justice Mediation group, has presented at the Legal Education Society Mediation course and Family Law Refresher, the Canadian Bar Association, Family Law Section and was recently featured in the National Post, on Global Television and on QR 770 ‘Afternoons with Danielle Smith’.



Melanie E. Russell, CPA, CA, CBV, CIM, CFE, CFF, ABV, Kalex Valuations Inc

Since obtaining the CA, CPA designation in 1988, Ms. Russell has gathered experience in a number of areas including business, asset, financial instrument and liability valuations; income valuations/determinations; quantification of economic damages; expropriations; financial/forensic investigations; financial projections and modelling; due diligence; quality of earnings; external auditing; internal auditing; and treasury management.

Ms. Russell has worked in accounting and valuation practice for more than 20 years, and in industry for three years.  Ms. Russell has qualified as an expert witness in the Ontario Court of Justice, the Ontario Superior Court, the Chartered Professional Accountants of Ontario (“CPAO”, formerly Institute of Chartered Accountants of Ontario)’s Discipline Committee (which determines whether members should be charged with offences as brought by the CPAO’s Professional Conduct Committee) and the Investment Dealers’ Association.  She has qualified as an expert in the areas of business/asset valuation, quantification of damages, income determination and forensic accounting.  She has also acted as an accounting expert in arbitration, mediation, mediation/arbitration and other alternative dispute resolution proceedings (e.g., collaborative practice), and negotiated a number of buy/sell transactions.

Ms. Russell has been active in accounting, auditing, valuation and finance education since 1987.