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  1. CCH's Guidebooks to State Taxes 2020

    CCH's Guidebooks Widely used by practitioners and all those involved in State taxes, these time-saving guides are accepted as the premier source for quick reference to all taxes.

    Starting at $228.00

  2. U.S. Master Property Tax Guide (2021)

    A practical, quick-answer resource to the key issues and concepts that professionals who deal with state and local property taxes need to know.
  3. California Income Tax Laws and Regulations Annotated (2020)

    Provides full text of the California personal and corporate income (franchise) tax law and Franchise Tax Board regulations as amended through January 1, 2020.
  4. Taxation in Six Concepts: A Student's Guide (2019)

    This book introduces the six concepts and uses them to unpack leading cases and real-world transactions.
  5. Practical Guide to S Corporations (8th Edition)

    Practical Guide to S Corporations Contains extensive discussion of all recent changes in S Corporation law and practice.
  6. Practical Guide to Partnerships, LLCs and S Corporations

    Discusses the complex issues involving partnership taxation with utmost clarity. It uses hundreds of illustrative examples, practice observations, helpful charts and insightful...
  7. Practical Guide to Estate Planning, 2021 Edition (U.S.)

    Provides an overview of estate planning, offering the widest variety of discussion on planning principles and tools from the simple to the sophisticated.
  8. GAAP Handbook of Policies and Procedures (2021) (U.S.)

    Provides many rules of thumb. Its contentincludes informative rules, policies, and procedures applicable to CPAs and maybe used as a training medium.
  9. Federal Income Taxation of Decedents, Estates and Trusts (2020) (U.S.)

    It presents the fundamental rules for preparing a decedent's final income tax return and highlights the income tax rules for the decedent's estate and related trusts.
  10. Federal Income Taxation of Debt Instruments 2021 (U.S.)

    Federal Income Taxation of Debt Instruments (2019) is the definitive reference for the many complicated issues involved with debt instruments.
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