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  1. Essentials of Federal Income Taxation for Individuals and Business (2020) (U.S.)

    Features an easy-reading, straightforward forms approach that is both simple and direct without complex legal language. It introduces basic tax concepts and then fully illustrates...
  2. U.S. Master Tax Guide (2020)

    The U.S. MTG contains timely and precise explanations of federal income taxes for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates and trusts.
  3. The TaxBook: Deluxe Edition Plus (2019)

    The book contains both individual and small business information. You will find information fast, with well-written, and easy-to-understand explanations and examples.
  4. The TaxBook: 1040 Edition (2019)

    Keeping track of the constantly changing tax code is a daunting task.
  5. International Taxation: U.S. Taxation of Foreign Persons and Foreign Income (2020)

    Provides in-depth discussion and insightful analysis of the United States tax regime as applied to international transactions. Covering both inbound and outbound transactions, the...
  6. Tax Accounting in Mergers and Acquisitions (2020) (U.S.)

    There are many considerations that influence how a transaction is structured, including tax considerations. The most basic tax issue is whether to structure the transaction as...
  7. U.S. Master Bank Tax Guide (2020)

    Covers all the tax rules for financial institutions and is the only book of its kind that is completely updated each year to reflect the latest changes through press time.
  8. Practical Guide to Real Estate Taxation (2020) (U.S.)

    CCH's highly successful practical guide to the federal tax consequences of real estate ownership, operations and activities. 
  9. Price on Contemporary Estate Planning (2020) (U.S.)

    Providing theoretical grounding and a practice-oriented approach, Price and Donaldson show how to handle the full range of estate planning problems and techniques
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