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  1. Canadian Master Tax Guide, 76th Edition, 2021

    Wolters Kluwer's Canadian Master Tax Guide provides practical guidance on current federal tax law with accurate and legally sound guidance to help understand, apply and comply...

    Starting at $158.00

  2. CFE Financial Reporting

    The Bridge To Your Success, This book is prepared to provide CPA candidates with a complete and concise technical coverage of financial accounting topics that are commonly tested...

    Starting at $176.00

  3. Selling A Business: A Multidisciplinary Checklist

    This book is intended as a detailed and annotated “checklist” for managing the sale of a business. This checklist covers, chronologically, the federal legal aspects as well as...
  4. Preparing Your Trust Tax Returns, 2021 Edition for 2020 Returns

    The analysis provided is practical and in-depth, and addresses substantive income tax issues relating to trusts and beneficiaries that are relevant to reporting requirements.

    Starting at $259.00

  5. Understanding Section 55 and Butterfly Reorganizations, 4th Edition

    This book is intended to provide an understanding of butterfly reorganizations and other aspects of section 55 of the Income Tax Act (Canada), and to serve as a useful tool for...

    Starting at $199.00

  6. The Foreign Affiliate Rules

    Save 50% On The Book, When Purchased Alongside The Online Version This book describes the Canadian income tax rules applicable when a Canadian resident has a direct or indirect...
    As low as $199.00
  7. Preparing Your Corporate Tax Returns, 2021 Edition (For The 2020 Tax Year)

    Preparing Your Corporate Tax Returns is updated annually and provides the most current, detailed information to keep you on top of all key issues impacting 2020 corporate tax...
    As low as $165.00
  8. Capital Cost Allowance, 4th Edition

    Capital Cost Allowance, 4th Edition is a complete reference guide of extensive commentary and all relevant primary and secondary resources on the capital cost allowance rules. 
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