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  1. Multistate Tax Guide to Pass-Through Entities (2020)

    Multistate Tax Guide present current and reliable information for all four entities in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and New York City.
  2. Multistate Guide to Estate Planning (2020)

    Guide provides state-by-state guidance on how to minimize state taxes to preserve the multistate estate, achieve the desired disposition of property regardless of jurisdiction.
  3. GAAP Handbook of Policies and Procedures (2020) (U.S.)

    Provides many rules of thumb. Its contentincludes informative rules, policies, and procedures applicable to CPAs and maybe used as a training medium.
  4. Fiduciary Accounting Answer Book, 2020 (U.S.)

    The most detailed reference book on the market for information on how to allocate receipts and disbursements between the income and principal beneficiaries of a trust or estate....
  5. Federal Income Taxation of Decedents, Estates and Trusts (2020) (U.S.)

    It presents the fundamental rules for preparing a decedent's final income tax return and highlights the income tax rules for the decedent's estate and related trusts.
  6. Federal Income Taxation of Debt Instruments (2020) (U.S.)

    Federal Income Taxation of Debt Instruments (2019) is the definitive reference for the many complicated issues involved with debt instruments.
  7. Federal Tax Practitioner's Guide (2020) (U.S.)

    Presents a complete picture of the federal tax law for today's busy practitioners with clear and easy-to-understand.
  8. Federal Tax Accounting 2020 (U.S.)

    Advises tax preparers about timing issues, i.e. when an item, such as income, deduction, or credit may be reported on a tax return. Tax accounting rules govern the tax incidents...
  9. CPA's Guide to Effective Engagement Letters (13th Edition) (U.S.)

    A well constructed engagement letter provides an opportunity to explore other potential business with your client.
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