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  1. Tax Calendar: U.S. Master Tax Guide 100th Commemorative Edition

    This booklet provides professionals and their clients with a great tool to plan for and track important tax dates.
  2. Tax Practitioner’s Guide to Identity Theft, 2016 (Revised 2nd Edition) U.S.

    The book covers recent case law and provides twenty-five "best practices" that clients can employ to decrease the risk of both tax-related and non-tax related identity theft.
  3. Forensic and Investigative Accounting (9th Edition)

    A complete and readily teachable text on today's most timely accounting topics. Written by top accounting and forensic teachers, this text covers all the important underpinnings,...
  4. Law, Explanation, & Analysis (LEA) Book (2017) - Health Reform Legislation (U.S.)

    With the publication of Law, Explanation, & Analysis (LEA) Book (2017), Wolters Kluwer is providing practitioners with a single integrated law, regulations and explanations.
  5. New York State Corporation Tax Law and Regulations (As of January 1, 2017)

    Provides an authoritative source of essential information reproducing the New York State laws concerning corporation taxes promulgated by the NY Department of Taxation and Finance.
  6. Business Tax Answer Book (2018) (U.S.)

    An accessible, practical, plain-language and comprehensive reference source for tax information for accountants, attorneys, business owners, and other business advisors.
  7. Grantor Trust Answer Book, 2018 (U.S.)

    Grantor Trust Answer Book describes a particular set of rules and circumstances that will cause a trust to be treated as a grantor trust.
  8. International Accounting/Financial Reporting Standards Guide (2018)

    This book organizes accounting pronouncements into two parts general standards and industry-specific standards.
  9. U.S. Master GAAP Guide (2018)

    U.S. Master GAAP Guide helps accountants solve many complex accounting and disclosure problems.
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