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  1. U.S. Master Multistate Corporate Tax Guide (2020)

    This book provides return preparation guidance for use by tax payers subject to corporate income or income-based taxes in more than one state.
  2. Taxation in Six Concepts: A Student's Guide (2019)

    This book introduces the six concepts and uses them to unpack leading cases and real-world transactions.
  3. U.S. International Tax Compliance Guide (2019)

    Provides concise answers focusing on how to comply with an ever-expanding set of complex tax rules and forms needed by practitioners for both inbound and outbound transactions
  4. State Tax Handbook (2020) 

    Provides readers with an overview of the taxation scheme of each state and the District of Columbia, as well as multistate charts on income taxes (personal and corporate)
  5. Sales and Use Tax Answer Book (2020)

    Book provide coverage subjects of sales and use tax, taxable persons, taxable transactions, interstate and extraterritorial transactions, constitutional issues.
  6. S Corporation Taxation (2020) (U.S.)

    S Corporation Taxation offers an in-depth and comprehensive analysis of S corporation taxation and uses extensive examples to illustrate both simple and complex situations.
  7. Private Foundation Handbook and Compliance Guide, 2020 (US)

    Provides comprehensive coverage of the legal, tax, and business aspects of forming and operating a family foundation.
  8. Practical Guide to S Corporations (8th Edition)

    Practical Guide to S Corporations Contains extensive discussion of all recent changes in S Corporation law and practice.
  9. Oil and Gas: Federal Income Taxation (2020) (U.S.)

    An invaluable single source handbook for accounting, tax and legal practitioners concerned with financial issues related to oil and gas industry tax law.
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