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  1. Accounting Desk Book (2021) (U.S.)

    A practical readable guide that provides insightful and clear explanations for CPAs and financial services professionals on key areas of daily accounting practice.
  2. Governmental GAAP Guide, 2021 (U.S.)

    Analyzes all of the accounting principles for financial reporting by state and local governments. 
  3. GAAP Financial Statement Disclosures Manual, 2020-2021 (U.S.)

    The GAAP Financial Statement Disclosures Manual provides a complete, quick, and valuable reference source for financial statement disclosures and key presentation...
  4. GAAS Guide (2021) (U.S.)

    The GAAS Guide meets accounting industry standards as overseenby the AICPA's peer review system (the book reproduces a letter by the book'speer reviewer)
  5. Revenue Recognition Guide (2021) (U.S.)

    A comprehensive reference manual covering key concepts and issues that arise in determining when and how to recognize revenue. It covers the new authoritative literature related...
  6. Estate & Retirement Planning Answer Book, 2020 Edition (U.S.)

    Provides expanded coverage of financial and estate planning strategies for implementing individualized solutions for the special problems associated with retaining accumulated...
  7. Estate & Gift Tax Handbook (2020) (U.S.)

    Provides timely and effective advice on estate and gift tax practice and procedure, and is a useful resource for estate-planning practitioners, fiduciaries, attorneys, and others...
  8. U.S. Master Sales and Use Tax Guide (2020)

    A quick-answer resource for professionals who work with multiple state tax jurisdictions. Serves as a handy desktop reference containing succinct explanations and quick-glance...
  9. Practical Guide to U.S. Taxation of International Transactions (12th Edition)

    Provides readers with a practical command of the tax issues raised by international transactions and how those issues are resolved by U.S. tax laws.
  10. University of Chicago Law School — 70th Annual Federal Tax Conference Papers (Special TAXES Magazine Issue)

    The papers presented at this prestigious event are published annually in this special, expanded issue of TAXES The Tax Magazine.
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