A Practical Guide to Estates and Trusts, 3rd Edition

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CCH Canadian's "A Practical Guide to Estates and Trusts" is an invaluable resource for professionals dealing with estate and trusts planning

A Practical Guide to Estates and Trusts provides pertinent estate and trust compliance information for professionals who complete tax returns for estates and trusts. Accountants and lawyers who provide advice on the administration of estates or trusts will find the tips and checklists provided by the author, helpful in the planning process.

Since the last edition was published, there have been substantial changes that impact estate planning in the form of budgetary pronouncements, legislative changes, new case law, and CRA administrative positions.

The new edition of A Practical Guide to Estates and Trusts has been updated to include:

  • all legislative changes to October 2010
  • new CRA administrative filing requirements
  • new CRA technical interpretations
  • new court cases with respect to trust residency determination

Other topics covered include:

  • Estate Administration
  • Calculating Income Taxes Payable
  • Income and Capital Interest in Trusts
  • Family Trusts
  • Executor's Compensation
  • Estate Accounting
  • Capital Gains Deduction
  • Allocations - Designations
  • Anti-Avoidance Rules
  • The 21-Year Deemed Disposition Rule

The author provides guidance on completing appropriate Canada Revenue Agency forms. Selected Interpretation Bulletins and Information Circulars are reproduced to further assist in the completion of the relevant forms.

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Publication DateNov 30, 2010