Introduction to Federal Income Taxation in Canada 40th Edition with Instructor Support Materials

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Introduction to Federal Income Taxation in Canada, is Income Tax Act compliant with examples, problems, multiple choice questions, and exercises to reinforce comprehension.

This authoritative Textbook and Study Guide are tailored to provide your students with the advanced skills they’ll need to maximize their education investment! 

Organized sequentially and based on the structure of the Income Tax Act, the Textbook and Study Guide are packed with example problems and exercises with solutions that demonstrate the various methods of approaching real-life problems in taxation.

The basic concepts and principles underlying the rules of the legislation are emphasized in each chapter, with explanatory and interpretive notes often expanding a topic beyond the confines of the particular facts under discussion.

The 2019-2020 edition has been updated and improved to help educators quickly identify the particular areas suitable to their students’ level of study.


• Annually updated content is contemporary and student friendly
• Learning Goals itemize what students will learn in each chapter and teach them how to understand, explain, apply and analyze the  material.
• Examples and case guidance are easy to find and use.
• Checklists and restructured example problems guide students through each step of the process.
• Advanced content is identified with icons, enabling instructors and students to easily distinguish areas of study relevant to their knowledge level.
• Review questions, multiple choice questions, exercises and assignment problems are grouped together in the Study Guide for more efficient study.
• Assignment problems are classified into three categories that enable students to work at their knowledge level.
• Integrative chapter at the end of the Study Guide contains exercises that require students to use the knowledge they have acquired from multiple chapters.
• Problem sets (formerly included in the DVD) have been incorporated in the Study Guide to provide extra practice for students.

Included for instructors who adopt the Introduction to Federal Income Taxation in Canada textbook only:

• Access to selected electronic tax research materials on our CCH® IntelliConnect® platform
• Access to Wolters Kluwer T1 and T2 professional tax software
• Access to CCH IntelliConnect and Wolters Kluwer tax software is also available to instructors who purchase the Introduction to Federal Income Taxation in Canada textbook with the Canadian Income Tax Act with Regulations, Annotated package.

Convenient features help educators quickly identify the particular areas suitable to their students’ level of study:

• Advanced content throughout the Textbook and Study Guide is identified by quick reference charts and icons.
• Type 1, Type 2 and Type 3 problems in the Study Guide offer different degrees of difficulty to help students develop and integrate new concepts specific to their requirements.

Robert E. Beam, FCPA, FCA
Stanley N. Laiken, Ph.D., CPA (Honorary) James J. Barnett, FCPA, FCA
Nathalie Johnstone, MPAcc, FCPA,FCA Devan Mescall, PH.D., CPA, CA
Julie Robson, MAcc, CPA, CPA (Illinois)

Thomas Haddrath, CPA, CMA
Christy Mac DOnald, PH.D., CPA,CA Barbara Rockx, MAcc, CPA,CA

Date of publication: August 2019
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