The Annual GST/HST and PST Roundup

The world of commodity tax is constantly changing, and staying on top of recent developments can often be a challenge.   This webinar will provide you with an update on the most significant changes, issues, and trends related to the GST/HST, QST and provincial sales tax (PST) over the past year. 

The 2019 “roundup” will provide an overview of important legislative changes, as well as any updates to administrative guidance recently released by the CRA and provincial tax authorities.  The webinar will also include discussion on the potential impact of any recent court decisions on the administration of the GST/HST, QST and provincial sales taxes.  The webinar’s format is designed to present these developments in a clear and practical manner, allowing participants to identify potential issues and apply that knowledge to events and transactions occurring in their own office.


Upon completion of this webinar, participants will be up-to-date on the latest developments in the GST/HST, QST and PST worlds, and be more aware of potential issues that might be of concern to their own organizations or clients from a Canadian sales tax perspective.

Specifically, topics covered will include:

  • Significant legislative changes over the past 12 months;
  • Changes to the QST and impact to non-residents both inside and outside Canada.
  • Provincial Sales Tax changes – Manitoba rate changes and changes Saskatchewan registration for non-residents.
  • Updates on crypto currencies
  • Carbon backstop
  • Current audit trends and issues examined by federal and provincial sales tax authorities; and
  • Other administrative matters related to Canadian sales taxes.

Target Audience

This webinar will be of most interest to in-house tax advisors, as well as advisors to both large and small businesses, with either legal or accounting backgrounds.  Professionals working in industry who encounter GST/HST, QST and PST issues will also find this concise and practical roundup useful.

Professional Development Credits

Wolters Kluwer Canadian professional development programs are designed to meet the continuing education requirements of a variety of professional associations. These requirements do vary by association and region. Please consult your provincial association to ensure this webinar meets the continuing professional development standards for your specific situation.

This Webinar Includes:

  • 30 days to review the webinar recording
  • Print version of the presentation slides