GAAP Financial Statement Disclosures Manual, 2020-2021 (U.S.)

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The GAAP Financial Statement Disclosures Manual provides a complete, quick, and valuable reference source for financial statement disclosures and key presentation requirements.

Author: George Georgiades


Provides a complete, quick, and valuable reference source for financial statement disclosures and key presentation requirements.


Specifically, the Manual:

  • Provides over 750 examples of realistic sample footnote disclosures to assist in the preparation of financial statements for an audit, a review, or a compilation engagement.
  • Facilitates compliance with U.S. GAAP by integrating, in each chapter, the specific disclosure and key presentation requirements with the sample footnotes.
  • Provides sample disclosures that are technically sound, understandable, and comprehensive and that cover a variety of scenarios, from the most common to the most unusual.
  • Incorporates all currently effective accounting standards, including those that cover areas of unusual difficulty, such as financial instruments, fair value, business combinations, consolidation, income taxes, pensions, accounting changes, and variable interest entities.

Each chapter is structured as a stand-alone chapter, providing you with all the information you'll need on a specific topic. Each chapter consists of the following parts:


  1. Executive Summary. This summary provides a clear and concise discussion of the specific financial statement topic.
  2. Authoritative Accounting Literature. This section provides reference to the relevant FASB ASC Topic.
  3. Disclosure and Key Presentation Requirements. This section provides a detailed listing of (a) the disclosure requirements (FASB ASC Section 50) and (b) those key presentation requirements (FASB ASC Section 45) that are relevant to enhance compliance
  4. Examples of Financial Statement Disclosures. This section contains specific examples of disclosures that cover different situations, circumstances, assumptions, and so on. Unless specifically indicated, the examples provided assume that the most recent financial statements presented are for the year ended December 31, 2020.


The 2020-2021 GAAP Financial Statement Disclosures Manual is current through FASB Accounting Standards Update No. 2019-03, Not-for-Profit Entities (Topic 958): Updating the Definition of Collections.

Part I General Principles

  • ASC Topic 105: Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

Part II Presentation

  • ASC Topic 205: Presentation of Financial Statements
  • ASC Topic 210: Balance Sheet
  • ASC Topic 215: Statement of Shareholder Equity
  • ASC Topic 220: Comprehensive Income
  • ASC Topic 225: Income Statement
  • ASC Topic 230: Statement of Cash Flows
  • ASC Topic 235: Notes to Financial Statements
  • ASC Topic 250: Accounting Changes and Error Corrections
  • ASC Topic 255: Changing Prices
  • ASC Topic 260: Earnings Per Share
  • ASC Topic 270: Interim Reporting
  • ASC Topic 272: Limited Liability Entities
  • ASC Topic 275: Risks and Uncertainties
  • ASC Topic 280: Segment Reporting

Part III Assets

  • ASC Topic 305: Cash and Cash Equivalents
  • ASC Topic 310: Receivables
  • ASC Topic 320: Investments Debt and Equity Securities
  • ASC Topic 323: Investments Equity Method and Joint Ventures
  • ASC Topic 325: Investments Other
  • ASC Topic 330: Inventory
  • ASC Topic 340: Other Assets and Deferred Costs
  • ASC Topic 350: Intangibles Goodwill and Other
  • ASC Topic 360: Property, Plant, and Equipment

Part IV Liabilities

  • ASC Topic 405: Liabilities
  • ASC Topic 410: Asset Retirement and Environmental Obligations
  • ASC Topic 420: Exit or Disposal Cost Obligations
  • ASC Topic 430: Deferred Revenue
  • ASC Topic 440: Commitments
  • ASC Topic 450: Contingencies
  • ASC Topic 460: Guarantees
  • ASC Topic 470: Debt
  • ASC Topic 480: Distinguishing Liabilities from Equity

Part V Equity

  • ASC Topic 505: Equity

Part VI Revenue

  • ASC Topic 605: Revenue Recognition
  • ASC Topic 606: Revenue from Contracts with Customers
  • ASC Topic 610: Other Income

Part VII Expenses

  • ASC Topic 705: Cost of Sales and Services
  • ASC Topic 710: Compensation General
  • ASC Topic 712: Compensation Nonretirement Postemployment Benefits
  • ASC Topic 715: Compensation General
  • ASC Topic 718: Compensation Nonretirement Postemployment Benefits
  • ASC Topic 720: Other Expenses
  • ASC Topic 730: Research and Development
  • ASC Topic 740: Income Taxes

Part VIII Broad Transactions

  • ASC Topic 805: Business Combinations
  • ASC Topic 808: Collaborative Arrangements
  • ASC Topic 810: Consolidation
  • ASC Topic 815: Derivatives and Hedging
  • ASC Topic 820: Fair Value Measurement
  • ASC Topic 825: Financial Instruments
  • ASC Topic 830: Foreign Currency Matters
  • ASC Topic 835: Interest
  • ASC Topic 840: Leases
  • ASC Topic 845: Nonmonetary Transactions
  • ASC Topic 850: Related Party Transactions
  • ASC Topic 852: Reorganizations
  • ASC Topic 853: Service Concession Arrangements
  • ASC Topic 855: Subsequent Events
  • ASC Topic 860: Transfers and Servicing


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