Federal and State Taxation of Limited Liability Companies - LLC (2020) (U.S.)

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Provides clear and reliable guidance on what the latest tax treatment is for limited liability companies and what it means for your clients or your business.

Author: David J. Cartano

Answers all of your questions with an analysis of all federal tax
issues applicable to LLCs with detailed references to related
Code Sections and Treasury Regulations, plus cases, revenue
rulings and private letter rulings. It provides a state-by-state
analysis of state tax laws and filing requirements in all 50
states and the District of Columbia, with references to the
applicable tax forms and places of filing listed.
It explains how to prepare the most common LLC tax forms,
state tax forms, checklists, practice tips, tables, and examples.


June 2020       1,064 pages     9780808054597

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