Corporate Controller’s Handbook of Financial Management (2020-2021) (U.S.)

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A comprehensive source of practical solutions, strategies, techniques, procedures, and formulas covering all key aspects of accounting and financial management. Its examples, checklists, step-by-step instructions, and other practical working tools simplify complex financial management issues and give CFOs, corporate financial managers, and controllers’ quick answers to day-to-day questions.

Authors: Jae K. Shim, Joel G. Siegel, Nick Dauber, Marc H. Levine

The Handbook covers important developments in government
rules, accounting procedures, taxation and information
technology. It includes references to relevant topics of the
FASB Accounting Standards Codification references, as well
as Accounting Standards Updates. The practical, hands-on
guidance helps diagnose a firm’s financial health, boost
financial results, avoid unpleasant surprises, cut costs, and
make financial decisions with confidence.

The 2020-2021 edition of the Corporate Controller’s Handbook
of Financial Management contains 60 chapters covering the
following topic areas:

• Responsibilities of the Controller
• SEC Reporting
• Controller’s Reports
• Information Technology Applications, including chapters
on database management systems and the client/server
environment, and using computers in financial decision
making, and XBRL, cloud computing, and wireless technology
• Generally Accepted Accounting Principles, including financial
statement reporting, accounting and disclosures, interim and
segmental reporting, and more
• Management Accounting, including product costing systems
and classifications, joint products and by-products, analysis
of cost behavior, cost-volume-profit analysis and leverage,
cost allocation, contribution margin analysis for non-routine
decisions, budgeting and financial modeling, using variance
analysis, improving management performance, ABC, JIT, TQM,
decision making in corporate financial management, and more
• Internal Auditing and Control, including internal audit of
financial statement accounts, the internal audit function and
internal control, and forensic accounting
• Financial and Risk Analysis and Financial Forecasting,
including financial statement analysis, managing analysis
of operations, controlling revenue and costs, managing and
analyzing risk, reengineering and outsourcing the business,
derivative products and financial engineering, mergers and
acquisitions, divestiture, business strategies and shareholder
value analysis, financial and earnings forecasting, cash
flow forecasting and cash budgeting, forecasting corporate
financial distress, corporate valuations, and more.
• Liquidity and Treasury, including management of working
capital and cash, accounts receivable, inventory, corporate
investments in securities, portfolio diversification and risk
management, short- and long-term financing, term loans and
leasing, warrants and convertibles, cost of capital and capital
structure decisions, and more
• Tax Preparation and Planning, including payroll taxes and
how taxes affect business decisions


May 2020      1,648 pages   9780808054221

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