Cantax Tax Update Seminar Tour – Fall 2019

Staying current on tax, form, software and e-service changes is critical to the success of your tax practice. Only Cantax seminars can provide you with all the essential information you need in a single session!

Our full-day seminar will not only present the numerous tax and form changes for T1’s, including a discussion (only) of the redesigned 2019 T1 return, as well as the T2 tax and form changes, but we’ll also show you how these changes are being implemented in Cantax. We’ll discuss important software enhancements, review CRA e-services, and delve into some Best Practices with respect to tax compliance.  

Mark your Calendar!

The Annual Cantax Tax Update Seminars start November 26, 2019!

Experience the productivity-boosting power of this  full-day tax update seminar!


Seminar Topics include:                             

  • T1 - Tax & Form Updates – We will cover all the essential tax and form changes for the filing of 2019 personal income tax returns (including the removal of Schedule 1 as part of the redesigned T1!)
  • Summary of Individual Tax Rates, Credits and Calculations
  • Spotlight on Special T1 Tax Situations – Each year we feature special tax situations as an in-seminar workshop.  This year includes:
    • Stock Options
    • Employee Benefits (eg. regular place of employment and personal travel, employee discounts, private health services plans, .... just to name a few!)
    • Amounts Paid in Error
    • Employee Deductions (meals, home office, automobile limits......)         
  • T2 - Tax & Form Updates – The filing of Corporate Income Tax returns never stops. We will include your Fall 2019 Tax and Form Update to ensure you are up to date with the preparing and handling of T2 returns.
  • Summary of Corporate Tax Rates, Credits and Calculations  
  • Spotlight on Special T2 Tax Situations – Each year we feature special tax situations as an in-seminar workshop.  This year includes:  
    • Tax on Split Income – Income Sprinkling and Tax on Split Income – revisit what you need to know
    • First Year Application of Passive Investment Income Rules
    • RDTOH – explore the new rules
    • Small Business Deduction and the new rules
    • Amending Assignments of the Small Business Limit


  • CRA Topics:
    • CRA Service Improvements
    • CRA IVR Telephone System Navigation Shortcuts
    • CRA Folios Project Update
    • CRA Audit Efforts in the Real Estate Sector
    • Access to Tax Accrual Working Papers
    • Voluntary Disclosure
    • Statute-barred Refunds
    • Practice Pitfalls
    • Authorizations

Many topics will be discussed based on recent court decisions and the CRA interpretation thereof.


  • FormMaster Quick Update – We will review the recent interface changes to your FormMaster program.


  • iFirm Cantax – We will include a brief overview of iFirm Cantax is!


  • Submit a Question – Want something discussed of concern to you? Send us a question ahead of time. We will collect them and address them in the seminar! Send it to  


Our trainers are knowledgeable, experienced and encourage in-class participation. You will be given practical Scenarios and Case Studies in many areas as a discussion points for the class.

Register today!  Spend a worthwhile day with our team as you prepare for the income tax season!

Dates & Location – All seminars start at 9:00 am (registration at 8:00 am). Seminars run from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm with the usual breaks. All confirmed attendees receive a Thank You for attending email that includes a link to a digital Wolters Kluwer Certificate attesting to 7 hours of CPD.


To allow for more engaging interaction with our presenters and with other Cantax users, we limit our group size to suit the meeting room. To ensure your space.

For a very small investment and a few hours of your time, this seminar will give you valuable tools that will help you do more in less time and prepare for the personal income tax season!  Look over the registration form and choose your location and reserve your space.


Seminar Speakers - New Tax Presenter!


Sue Deakin, CPA, CA, MAcc



Sue is a Professor of Accounting, specializing in tax and auditing, in the Lawrence Kinlin School of Business at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario.  She earned her undergraduate degree and MAcc from the University of Waterloo and her CPA designation thereafter.  She completed her co-op education with Arthur Andersen & Co in Toronto and continued to work at AA& Co. in Taxation upon graduation.  She then worked for 15 years as VP Finance in a property management company before pursuing a teaching career. 

As coordinator of the Accounting programs at Fanshawe, Sue led the development of the Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting and the graduate certificate in Professional Accounting.  She is passionate about student success, and continually looks for innovative teaching practices.  In 2009, she led all program teams on the adoption and use of real-time virtual classroom technology to extend the physical boundaries of the traditional classroom.  Today all her classes are available through this technology making it easier for students to obtain 100% attendance!`

Sue also teaches taxation for Nipissing University in their Commerce degrees, and marks for CPA Ontario in the PEP program. 


Gerry Barker

Product Manager, Tax Compliance Events

Gerry has a long tenure in the tax compliance industry with Taxprep and Cantax in various capacities. He enjoys getting out to see new and current customers when he can and spends 1/3 of his days on the road coordinating our training seminars. He is the ultimate road warrior dog! With a true passion for servicing our customers through his high touch approach, he genuinely does care about the learner experience. Gerry and our tax compliance team dedicate themselves to executing on delivering great customer experiences every day.