Business Valuation Guide,  2020 (U.S.)

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Business Valuation Guide aims to demystify the process by teaching the concepts as well as the practical considerations one needs to be successful.

Business Valuation Guide,  2020 (U.S.)
Authors: George B. Hawkins, Michael A. Paschall


In business valuation, no two companies are alike; nor do numbers and financial statements tell the whole story. Successful business valuators have to be detectives while sifting through the details of a company, and they need a diverse knowledge of finance, economics, law, marketing, and sales to do that. They must also be able to step back and see the big picture from the viewpoint of a buyer. It is this variety, and the intellectual challenges it provides, that makes business valuation both interesting and exciting.  It is a daunting challenge to find out how to get started in any new endeavor, and deciding to pursue business valuation is no exception.


This guide aims to demystify the process by: 

  • teaching the concepts as well as the practical considerations one needs to be successful,
  • filling the need and hunger for more how-to information, and
  • sharing up-to-date valuation methodologies, case law, and trends so that one may be fully conversant with clients, the courts, and the IRS. 


This guide also aims to help readers capitalize on the following demographic and societal forces that point to an increasing demand for valuation services. 

  • Aging population.
  • High divorce rates.
  • High growth rate of small businesses.
  • Increasing litigation.


Nov 21, 2019         2,096 Pages         9780808052937

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