Valuations -- Everything You Need to Know (and More) in Two Hours, Recorded Webinar Available June 22, 2021

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Accounting, finance and tax practitioners are frequently presented with issues involving valuation matters, whether in tax, dispute (shareholder, matrimonial, corporate/commercial, etc.), estate, planning to avoid disputes (shareholder agreements, marriage/co-habitation contracts, etc.), succession planning, purchase/sale, financial reporting or other situations.  While good practice in many situations will dictate the involvement of a valuation expert, it is very helpful for the trusted advisor to have a basic understanding of valuations and be able to speak the same language as the valuator, understand the relevant parameters of the particular situation, and be able to communicate valuation-related issues to the client.

Join Melanie Russell, CPA, CA, CBV, CIM, CFE, CFF, ABV, Founder and President of Kalex Valuations Inc., for an overview of valuations, situation-specific considerations, as well as practical tips. 

More specifically, topics covered will include:

  1. When a valuation is needed/triggers, and when valuations are not required
  2. Valuation definitions, reference points and generally accepted valuation principles
  3. Valuation basics
  • Valuation methods and approaches
  • Selecting the right method/approach
  • Extent of understanding required of business, industry, economy, etc.
  • Components of value
  1. Key and current valuation issues and considerations for private companies
  2. Critical engagement issues
  3. Reporting issues, professional standards and ethical requirements
  4. When to involve a valuation specialist/expert vs. going it alone

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