Canadian Master Tax Guide, 76th Edition, 2021

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Canadian Master Tax Guide provides helpful and practical guidance on Canadian tax issues. This edition, the 76th, reflects federal tax changes in 2020 to the date of publication and provides fast, reliable answers to tax questions affecting individual and business income tax.

The 2021 Canadian Master Tax Guide contains timely and precise explanations of federal income taxes for individuals, partnerships, corporations, estates, and trusts, as well as changes established by key court decisions and the Canada Revenue Agency. Significant new tax developments are conveniently highlighted and concisely explained for quick reference and understanding.

The book’s explanations provide tax practitioners with accurate guidance to help them understand, apply, and comply with today’s complex tax laws. Conveniently cross-referenced to the Income Tax Act, Income Tax Regulations, court decisions, CRA technical publications, and Wolters Kluwer’s Canadian Tax Reporter, this reliable reference is a must for anyone involved with federal taxation.

Topical coverage includes:

  • A special section on COVID-19 tax measures and changes
  • Taxation of Individuals
  • Business and Property Income
  • Capital Gains and Capital Cost Allowance
  • Corporations and Shareholders
  • Partnerships and Trusts
  • Tax Rates and Credits (including detailed charts)
  • Deferred Income Plans and Arrangements (RRSPs and other plans)
  • Tax Exemptions and Special Cases
  • Returns, Assessments, Payments, and Appeals
  • Non-residents, International Income, and Tax Agreements
  • Administration, Enforcement, and Interpretation
  • Tax Planning for Individuals (2019/2020)
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